Mountain View Clinical Research, Inc. - "Bringing Science and Society Together"
It is the mission of Mountain View Clinical Research, Inc. to provide the highest quality of data, promoting the growth and development of pharmaceutical research, while simultaneously never compromising the care, confidentiality and compassion of our patient volunteers.
At Mountain View Clinical Research, Inc. we work with esteemed physicians within the community as well as multiple pharmaceutical companies.
Our staff is small allowing us the ability to develop a personal relationship with individuals that are eager to seek the latest advances in drug development.  Our combined experience allows us the opportunity to study a vast array of therapeutic areas. 
As the owner of Mountain View Clinical Research, Inc., I take great pride in knowing that I am not only seeking ways to improve the health and well-being of individuals today but making a difference for the generations of tomorrow.
Kristen Johnson
President and CEO

Mountain View Clinical Research, Inc started an annual tradition of being a financial blessing to one of our study patients this holiday season.  Thank you Mr. Fisher for your dedication and commitment to research.  You are a medical hero! 

Mr. John Fisher and office mascot Max
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